Custom Pouch Manufacturer



Pouches offer excellent benefits for coffee products. They effectively preserve freshness by blocking air and moisture, ensuring a longer shelf life. The convenience of easy portability suits today's fast-paced lifestyle. Designing an appealing pouch can capture customer interest and drive purchases.


These pouches provide maximum protection for your tea, guarding it against oxygen, insects, and dust. Your customers will value how the packaging not only ensures product safety but also preserves its freshness and flavour for an extended period of time. A well-designed pouch can make your product stand out prominently on store shelves.

Protein / Supplement

Health-conscious choices are growing in popularity each day, and rightly so. Consumers are prioritizing their body's well-being by incorporating the right supplements into their diets. It's essential that your packaging exudes professionalism and instils customer trust.


Whether your customers encounter your product on a store shelf or online, it's important that they immediately perceive its potential to enhance their pet's well being, ensuring a longer and healthier life.


Food and Snacks in our pouches are becoming a trend. Why? Because it suits the fast paced life that most of us have. A healthy snack you can take anywhere at anytime. It can be taken on the go and stored in your cupboard, office, bag or car.


With the wrong packaging your product will not stay in a powder form. Our pouches will help increase the shelf life, which gives your retailers more flexibility when selling it.


The barriers in our packaging are strong enough to keep moisture out and also durable enough to withstand a gardening environment.


The legalization seems to be spreading across the globe and the engagement in the product is reaching all time highs. Customers are using it recreationally, medically and for leisure. Please see our sister company Pro Packaging for Cannabis inquires.


Pouches are lightweight and easy to carry, making them convenient for customers on the go. Whether it's in a purse, gym bag, or suitcase, pouches take up less space compared to bulky bottles or containers.


No matter what your product is, Mylar bags extend the shelf life drastically, in some cases up to 30 years. Our bags are Food Grade and FDA approved, this means that this method of packaging is suitable for any product. Products such as Clothing and Technology are often very common to be packaged in Mylar pouches.